Journal articles

M. Coiro*, E.A. Roberts, C.C. Hofmann, L.J. Seyfullah (2022) Cutting the long branches: consilience as a path to unearth the evolutionary history of Gnetales. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 1219.

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R.A.E. Glos, S. Salzman, M. Calonje, A.P. Vovides, M. Coiro, M.A. Gandolfo, C.D. Specht (2022) Leaflet Anatomical Diversity in Zamia (Cycadales: Zamiaceae) Shows Little Correlation with Phylogeny and Climate. Botanical Review, 88: 437–452.

M. Vieira, R. Zetter, M. Coiro, F. Grímsson (2022). Pliocene Lythrum (loosestrife, Lythraceae) pollen from Portugal and the Neogene establishment of European lineages. Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 296: 104548.

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M. Steinthorsdottir, C. Elliott-Kingston, M. Coiro, J.C. McElwain (2021)
Searching for a nearest living equivalent for Bennettitales: a promising extinct plant group for stomatal proxy reconstructions of Mesozoic pCO2. GFF, 143 (2-3): 190-201.

J.L.S. Mayer, G. Scopece, M.R. Barone Lumaga, M. Coiro, F. Pinheiro, S. Cozzolino (2021). Ecological and phylogenetic constraints determine the stage of anthetic ovule development in orchids. American Journal of Botany, 108 (12): 2405-2415.

F. Grímsson, S. Ulrich, M. Coiro, S.A. Graham, B.F. Jacobs, E.D. Currano, A. Xafis, R. Zetter (2021) Hagenia from the early Miocene of Ethiopia: Evidence for possible niche evolution? Ecology & Evolution, 11(10): 5164-5186.

K. Koutroumpa, B.H. Warren, S. Theodoridis, M. Coiro, M.M. Romeiras, A. Jiménez, E. Conti (2021) Geo-climatic changes and apomixis as major drivers of diversification in the Mediterranean sea lavenders (Limonium Mill.). Frontiers in Plant Science, 11:2127.

A.P. Vovides, R. Guevara, M. Coiro, S. Galicia, C. Iglesias (2021). Pollen morphology of the Megamexican cycads reveals the potential of morphometrics to identify cycad genera. Botanical Sciences, 99(1): 182-197.

M. Coiro*, L.C.A. Martínez, G.R. Upchurch, J.A. Doyle (2020) Evidence for an extinct lineage of angiosperms from the Early Cretaceous of Patagonia and implications for the early radiation of flowering plants. New Phytologist, 228(1): 344-360.
For a summary of this manuscript, see here.

M. Coiro*, N. Jelmini, H. Neuenschwander, M.A. Calonje, A.P. Vovides, J.E. Mickle, M.R. Barone Lumaga (2020) Evolutionary signal of leaflet anatomy in the Zamiaceae, International Journal of Plant Sciences, 181(7):697–715.
This manuscript was featured on the cover of International Journal of Plant Sciences.

E. Karasev , G. Forte , M. Coiro, E. Kustatscher (2019). Mutoviaspermum krassilovii gen. et sp. nov.: A peculiar compound ovuliferous conifer cone from the Lopingian (Late Permian) of European Russia (Vologda Region), International Journal of Plant Sciences, 180(8):779-799.

B. Erdei, M. Coiro, I. Miller, K.R., Johnson, M.P. Griffith, V. Murphy (2019) First cycad seedling foliage from the fossil record and inferences for the Cenozoic evolution of cycads, Biology letters 15(7):20190114.

M. Coiro*, J.A. Doyle, J. Hilton (2019) How deep is the conflict between molecular and fossil evidence on the age of the angiosperms?, New Phytologist 223(1): 83-99.
This article has been featured in a useful video discussing the debate on the issue.

F. Grímsson, S.A. Graham, M. Coiro, B.F. Jacobs, A. Xafis, F.H. Neumann, L. Scott, J. Sakala, E.D. Currano, R. Zetter (2019) Origin and divergence of Afro-Indian Picrodendraceae: linking pollen morphology, dispersal modes, fossil records, molecular dating and paleogeography, Grana 58(4): 227-275.

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M.R. Barone Lumaga, M. Coiro*, E. Truernit, B. Erdei, P. De Luca (2015) Epidermal micromorphology in Dioon: did volcanism constrain Dioon evolution?, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 179: 236–254.

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G. Chomicki, L. P. R. Bidel, F. Ming, M. Coiro, X. Zhang, Y. Wang,Y. Baissac, C. Jay-Allemand, S. S. Renner, (2015) The velamen protects photosynthetic orchid roots against UV-B damage, and a large dated phylogeny implies multiple gains and losses of this function during the Cenozoic, New Phytologist, 205(3):1330-1341.

M. Coiro, M. R. Barone Lumaga, (2013) Aperture evolution in Nymphaeaceae: insights from an ultrastructural and micromorphological investigation, Grana, 52(3):192-201.

Book chapters

M. Coiro, E. Truernit (2017) Modified pseudo-Schiff propidium iodide staining for xylem characterization using confocal laser-scanning microscopy on whole-mount samples, in Lucas and Etchells (eds.) Xylem, Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer.


G.E. Budd, R.P. Mann, J.A. Doyle, M. Coiro, J. Hilton (2021). Fossil data do not support a long Pre-Cretaceous history of flowering plants. BioRxiv.

S. Klopfstein, R. Ryer, M. Coiro, T. Spasojevic (2019). Mismatch of the morphology model is mostly unproblematic in total-evidence dating: insights from an extensive simulation study. BioRxiv, 679084.

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