Here are some specific project I am currently pursuing:

Cycad phylogeny and evolution

I am working on the evolution and phylogeny of cycads integrating molecular data, morphology, and fossils. I aim to test the hypothesis of a Jurassic peak for cycad disparity as well as the hypothesis of morphological stasis in the group.

Fossils and seed plant phylogeny

I am interested in how fossils can help us understand the phylogeny of seed plants, and in the reciprocal illumination between molecules and morphology. Previously, I tested the phylogenetic signal of he traditional morphological matrices of the seed plants with regards to the placement of Gnetales, and I am currently investigating the relationship between extant and fossil gymnosperms.

Phylogenetic signal and convergence in morphological datasets

As a broader interest behind most of my work, I am interested in the utility of morphological data to reconstruct phylogenies. I am particularly focussing on dissecting the relative contribution of convergence, historical signal, and developmental canalization in generating the patterns we observe in morphological datasets.

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