Palaeobotany for Paleoartists IV: Mesozoic Seed Ferns

Another element which is often not represented in paleoart are the Mesozoic “seed ferns”. This is an umbrella term for plants with different affinities united by the fact that they were seed plants with fern-like, often pinnate leaves. Though ‘seed fern’ groups were rather abundant in the Paleozoic, quite a few grew among the MesozoicContinue reading “Palaeobotany for Paleoartists IV: Mesozoic Seed Ferns”

The Extinct Plants Paleoart Database officially launches!

Today the Extinct Plants Paleoart reference database officially launches, together with its official twitter account. This project started from the observation that while animal paleoart is thriving, with more and more artists generating great work with increased attention to accuracy, plant paleoart does not receive the same amount of attention. Though part of this canContinue reading “The Extinct Plants Paleoart Database officially launches!”