Plant paleoartists: an interview with Pollyanna von Knorring

For this week, I have a new format for you readers. In my effort to spread the love for plant paleoart, I thought it would be interesting to ask a few questions to some of the most accomplished plant paleoartists, to learn about their approach to their art and the steps that led them toContinue reading “Plant paleoartists: an interview with Pollyanna von Knorring”

Palaeobotany for Paleoartists II: Fossil Ginkgoales

Given the relative intests in my post on the paleaortistic representation of the fossil Cycadales, I have decided to write an extremely small post about the paleoartistic representation of another fan favourite: Ginkgo and its fossil relatives. Though many beautiful representations exist of this charismatic tree and some of its fossil relatives (helped by theirContinue reading “Palaeobotany for Paleoartists II: Fossil Ginkgoales”

Palaeobotany for Paleoartists: Fossil Cycads

In recent times, I have been interested in the way that fossil plants are represented (or more often, not represented) in palaeoartistic works. Though I have started a project trying to combat this issue, I wanted to weight in on the issue in a more direct way by using my expertise in a particularly charismaticContinue reading “Palaeobotany for Paleoartists: Fossil Cycads”