Palaeobotany for Paleoartists III: Fossil Gnetales

Here is the third part of my Paleobotany for Paleoartists series, dedicated to a less well-known group that was however very successful during the Early Cretaceous: the Gnetales. Extant Gnetales are comprised of three highly distinc genera, namely Ephedra, Gnetum, and Welwtischia. This last species is probably the most well known, mostly because of itsContinue reading “Palaeobotany for Paleoartists III: Fossil Gnetales”

Palaeobotany for Paleoartists II: Fossil Ginkgoales

Given the relative intests in my post on the paleaortistic representation of the fossil Cycadales, I have decided to write an extremely small post about the paleoartistic representation of another fan favourite: Ginkgo and its fossil relatives. Though many beautiful representations exist of this charismatic tree and some of its fossil relatives (helped by theirContinue reading “Palaeobotany for Paleoartists II: Fossil Ginkgoales”

Palaeobotany for Paleoartists: Fossil Cycads

In recent times, I have been interested in the way that fossil plants are represented (or more often, not represented) in palaeoartistic works. Though I have started a project trying to combat this issue, I wanted to weight in on the issue in a more direct way by using my expertise in a particularly charismaticContinue reading “Palaeobotany for Paleoartists: Fossil Cycads”

The Extinct Plants Paleoart Database officially launches!

Today the Extinct Plants Paleoart reference database officially launches, together with its official twitter account. This project started from the observation that while animal paleoart is thriving, with more and more artists generating great work with increased attention to accuracy, plant paleoart does not receive the same amount of attention. Though part of this canContinue reading “The Extinct Plants Paleoart Database officially launches!”

A odd “cycad” is an unexpected angiosperm from the Early Cretaceous of Patagonia

Recently a new chapter of my reinvestigation of material from the Early Cretaceous of Argentina has been published in the journal New Phytologist. This is the second work stemming from my visit to the Natural History Museum in London (funded by the marvelous SYNTHESYS scheme), where I had the opportunity give a new look atContinue reading “A odd “cycad” is an unexpected angiosperm from the Early Cretaceous of Patagonia”

Fossil cycad from Patagonia solves the puzzle of the “Byfield Fern”

This post was published on the 17th of May 2017 on my old blog page, and was updated on the 4th of September 2020.    The first tranche of my work for my doctoral thesis has seen the light of publication in the journal BMC Evolutionary Biology (and it’s open to everyone). In this article,Continue reading “Fossil cycad from Patagonia solves the puzzle of the “Byfield Fern””

Our work featured on the cover of International Journal of Plant Sciences

I am quite happy to say that our work on the leaflet anatomy of the Zamiaceae has made the front cover of this issue (volume 181 issue 7) of the International Journal of Plant Sciences. The cover is an artistic rendition of the sections of eight out of nine genera of the Zamiaceae imaged usingContinue reading “Our work featured on the cover of International Journal of Plant Sciences”